Legal USA Sportsbook Deposit Methods

Funding your gambling account can be easy or hard, depending on your knowledge of USA sportsbook deposit methods. We have found that most people are still unaware of the finer points to making deposits into legal USA online sportsbooks, though the industry can be easily understood if you look at all of the different options that are open to those players living in the United States.

Each deposit method can function somewhat differently, and we are here to give you a brief breakdown of what options you will want to consider when betting on sports over the Internet.

Types Of Legal Sports Betting Deposit Methods

There are several main types of deposit method for sports betting, and you may never need to use one of the more advanced options for sports betting.

The most common type of deposit method found through nearly every single sportsbook is that of credit and debit / bank cards. Then we had come to the second most common deposit method - wire transfers. Finally, you will also be able to make payments into your gambling account by way of e-wallets... when they are available.

Alternative methods outside of the common ones that are found also include e-checks, using prepaid cards, and buying cash vouchers online using credit + debit cards.

Sportsbook Deposit Methods For USA Players

Credit Cards - Credit and debit cards are some of the more viable deposit options out there. We have found that VISA is the most common, with MasterCard available on a less common basis. Credit cards, debit cards, and their prepaid versions are all available for players trying to bet on sports.

American Express - AmEx is one of the less common pieces of plastic in the online gambling industry, but the advantages of this card are worthwhile enough to make it a viable choice for funding your account. Just remember to adhere to the conditions of your card.

eCheck - Electronic Checks are some of the better deposit methods out there. You will be able to transfer funds directly from your bank account and into your sportsbook account if you decide to take advantage of this payment method. E-checks are simply one of the best options due to low fees and high speed.

EZVoucher - Through some online sportsbooks, EZVoucher is available to make deposits as easy as possible. If you join a sportsbook that offers PasteandPay, you will be able to use EZVoucher to make payments directly into your sportsbook by purchasing these vouchers.

MasterCard - Though there are less banks out there that issue MasterCard when compared to VISA, you will find that there are more than a handful of different gambling sites that accept MasterCard as one of their primary deposit methods.

PasteandPay - Another of the less common deposit methods, PasteandPay is available as a voucher service through a few different sports betting sites. We have found that PasteandPay can be used through a few sportsbooks, and it is interchangeable with EZVoucher.

Wire Transfers - Outside of credit cards, wire transfers are another of the most common deposit methods online. Wire transfers are available through banks, money handling businesses, and Western Union stores. Large payments can be made with this type of service, meaning you can very easily make payments through this service.

Deposit Fees

When dealing with depositing into an account, the fees that are associated with this can vary. And most of the time it's not on the end of the sportsbook that charges a fee. There can be fees that come along with transferring money through different methods accepted by the sportsbook. In general though, sports betting sites want players to have as little fees or no fees if possible because it encourages them to deposit.

While fees associated with payouts are far more common, deposit fees are still something that should be looked into. Wire transfers are a specific type of method in which there can be a fee, as well as a money order transfer into a sportsbook. In general, credit card deposits don't come with fees but it's always best to check the details at the specific sportsbook.

How Much, How Little Can Be Deposited? How Often?

One of the things that bettors should consider when looking at the ways to fund an account are the limits that can be associated with different options. Each sportsbook will detail the specifics about the deposit limits. This is approached from two different areas. The first are the minimum and maximum deposits that must be made through the available options. Not all deposit methods will have equivalent minimum deposits and maximum deposits.

But then it's also important to consider how many deposits can be made in a given length of time. Can a deposit be made every day? Every week? Every month? It's important to know the parameters of this type of limit as well, which can also vary between options.

How Long Does It Take To Deposit?

The length of time it takes from the moment you transfer a deposit method until the time it becomes available for you to place a bet with will depend on which method is used. There are deposit methods that are instant, there are ones that can take a few hours, and then there are ones that can take longer than that.

Among the instant methods of deposit are credit cards. This deposit method is very popular and very common. But then there are wire transfers that might be a few hours until the funds are available as it is processed by the cashier the sportsbook. Customer service will be able to tell a player how long it should take, because different betting sites could have their own processing.

Synopsis of Legal U.S. Sports Betting Deposits

Each different sportsbook offers their own selection of deposit methods. Being that gambling deposits are somewhat complicated, indeed the only aspect of online gambling covered by the law, you may find that these are among the most complicated aspects of gambling online.

We are going to warn you that your credit card payments may be difficult, and this is why alternative deposit methods are very important in an industry that is sometimes frowned upon by the banking industry.

Just below are some of the sportsbooks that typically have high success rates when users decide to deposit using their plastic. Please have a look...

Bovada Sportsbook
$250 Deposit Bonus
customer service rating:
payout speed rating:
deposit options rating:
our rating:

Those who wish to deposit into Bovada will have no trouble doing so provided that they are allowed to join. We say that because at this time, this sportsbook is closed to the following states: Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Nevada. But if you are not in those states, have no fear because Bovada will have an acceptable way for you to make deposits.

If you want to use your plastic to deposit, Bovada accepts VISA branded cards in the following varieties: VISA credit, VISA debit + VISA gift / prepaid cards. It is important to note that cards that DO NOT have the capability to purchase internationally will likely be declined here. If that is the case, consider using either of the two wire transfer services that Bovada users have at their disposal.

Bovada does charge fees for depositing (4.9% for VISA, varies on wire transfers) but you can definitely re-coup that plus a lot more with their new deposit bonus. Whenever you do decide to make your first deposit, Bovada will match it by 50% up to $250 which is more than enough to make up whatever deposit fees you might have paid. The bonus has a low 3x rollover requirement which isn't that tough to achieve if you win a few of your bets. Once you've met that condition, you can cashout your original deposit, plus the bonus as well as anything you might have won through the course of wagering here.

BetOnline Sportsbook
50% up to $2,500 Bonus for New Deposits
customer service rating:
payout speed rating:
deposit options rating:
our rating:

BetOnline offers their users a number of different deposit options, all to provide players with easy access to the betting lines that they offer. When you combine that with the fact that players in all 50 states are welcome to join here, you've got a sportsbook that is worthy of your business.

If you join BetOnline, you will be able to access VISA and MasterCard, coming with credit, debit, and prepaid versions of the card. Their best option for depositing is probably their e-check transfers, which will help you make payments very quickly and easily. You will then have wire and bank transfers at your disposal, shipping your money into your account safely, if not a little less quickly.

BetOnline offers a 15% or 25% reload bonus on every deposit that can be worth up to $900... this is one of the most profitable bonuses out there. BetOnline has made it a point to give their players one of the most secure and diverse of all online sportsbooks, making BetOnline a highly profitable gaming center for the apt player.

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