BetOnline Sportsbook Info - Is It Legal To Bet At BetOnline?

BetOnline Sportsbook is an industry leader when it comes to wagering sports online, offering players a variety of sports to bet, wager types, and plenty more. BetOnline has been around for over a decade, and has gained a reputation as one of the top online sportsbooks in the industry. Check out a review below of the site on this page, as it relates to sports betting online for USA players.

Find a complete review of BetOnline Sportsbook on this page, and get the answers to all of your questions that you may have about this betting site that happens to be open and legal for all players living in the U.S.

BetOnline + U.S. Players

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BetOnline is a legal betting option for players in the United States who meet the age requirements at both the sportsbook and whichever state they are in. Prospective players from all 50 states in the U.S can play here and sign up with BetOnline. Consult your local laws to find out your state gambling age if needed. But the most important thing to know is that as long as you meer the minimum gambling age, BetOnline is certainly a great sports betting site option to consult if you are USA bettor.

Will I Get Into Trouble For Betting At BetOnline?

Anyone who says betting sports online for the U.S player is illegal is simply misinformed, or lying to you. The fact of the matter is that there are legal betting options for you, and sportsbooks like BetOnline allow residents in the United States. The laws that are in place in the U.S, such as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Act and the Federal Wire Act are in place to prohibit online gambling sites from operating in the U.S., not to the individual sports bettor.

Players can get into trouble for violating the age restrictions at BetOnline or their own state, and could be subject to fines and other penalties that way. This is standard operation procedure at most legal USA sportsbooks. And if you are underage, you'd better just wait before getting into gambling, you don't need those headaches that come with violating the gambling age laws.

BetOnline Sportsbook Bonuses

BetOnline offers their players one of the top online sportsbook bonuses around. It's not just a welcome bonus, or a first-time deposit offer to entice the player. No sir. This sportsbook bonus pertains to every deposit made into an account at BetOnline's sportsbook. So what is it? Well, players will receive up to a 25 percent bonus with a maximum of $900 on every deposit made.

Players can use that towards wagering on a ton of different sports and matchups throughout the year. There are also other various bonus and rewards offers at BetOnline throughout the year that can be taken advantage of.

Other Facts About Betting At BetOnline

This is the section of our BetOnline review where we really start digging into the minor details that normally escape Americans when choosing the right sportsbook for their needs. We're not going to let that happen as you are going to be aware of all the details before you bet money on sports at BetOnline no matter how minute they may seem.

BetOnline Sign Up - How To Register At BetOnline

BetOnline wants to make the process for joining their site as easy as possible. Therefore is might only take seconds to complete. The information on the form must be filled out and submitted. Players will be asked to create a login, which is a valid email address to be used. The password created is unique to the player so that must be entered and reentered.

There are some security steps that are taken to protect you as the player from fraud. But once submitted the account is created right on the spot. There is no approval period or waiting time. You can be well on your way to betting right then and there.

U.S. Deposit Methods At BetOnline

If you are a player from the United States looking to wager at BetOnline, there are several ways that you can make a deposit. BetOnline accepts Visa is their primarily sportsbook deposit method for U.S. players, as well as a prepaid version of the card. American Express is another accepted credit card. Depositing with a credit card is very simple, and will instantly fund your account to get you on your way to placing a wager.

In addition to credit cards, wire transfers can be utilized as well. A Bank wire though has a minimum deposit of $1,000, which is much higher than a $50 deposit required by Visa. BetOnline also accepts cashiers checks and money orders.

U.S. Payout Methods At BetOnline

BetOnline has several payout methods that can be received by players from the U.S. They include checks, wire transfers, money orders, and bank wires.

There are three forms of checks which includes the traditional check through the mail, one through a courier, and an Express Check. All come with different fees, and times to be expected to receive them.

A Western Union transfer or MoneyGram is also available. These transactions take just 12-36 hours to be received, making them the fastest method of payout for American account holders on site.

A bank wire will take roughly 10 business days, but has a very high limit which makes it nice for big players. Up to $15,000 can be withdrawn at once.

How To Bet + What To Bet On At BetOnline

BetOnline offers a full array of sports odds, and is a great option for a U.S. bettor looking to wager on sports inside the United States. That includes the ever-popular NFL, college football, NBA MLB, PGA Tour, NASCAR, college hoops, along with a great selections of overseas sports like Champions League, La Liga, Premier League and all the rest of the great leagues where the best play. BetOnline will have a ton of games, but in addition to that, there will be a variety of prop odds to wager on as well. And it's not just straight bets that can be made, the sportsbook has parlays, if-bets, teasers, and pleasers where available in the different games.

There is certainly no shortage of ways to bet on sports at BetOnline, or sports selection when it comes to choosing what lines are out. There is something for everyone to bet, and win real cash.

BetOnline Live Betting

In an effort to continue to grow and expand the world of online betting, BetOnline has instituted a live wagering section. They've had it for quite some time now, but they continue to develop it because many bettors enjoy the thrill and excitement of placing a live bet on a matchup.

BetOnline live betting can cover many games at a time, for which bettors can click into the matchup they want. From there, the specific betting odds for the game are detailed, where bettors can fill out the bet slip to place a live wager. There are several different bets that can be made, with a time limit on how long they are offered.

BetOnline Customer Service

Contact BetOnline by way of a toll free phone number at 1-888-426-3661. In addition to that BetOnline can be contacted by email at Or if you prefer an instant connection via your computer, there is a live chat session that can connect you to a customer service representative from BetOnline.

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